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Mulberry is a luxury fashion company founded in the United Kingdom in 1971, known internationally for its leather goods.

A customer mentioned, "The new Mulberry bags are garbage. I've been a loyal Mulberry customer for over a decade, and their bags used to be really good quality. Lovely leather and lovely craftsmanship. They have however gone downhill over the last few years, to the point of now being something I do not not want to spend my money on any longer. The new leather is not made to last - I have seen several examples (own purchases, in store and other people's experiences) of it looks terrible within just a few months. The customer services are in shambles and people are dealing with them for ages to get to a resolution. When buying products at that price, I'd expect more."


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Rupert Laslett says

"Ordered an item from Mulberry, which required a signature. DPD sent it to the wrong location so I called DPD who told me to call Mulberry. Well you can't call mulberry. There are several numbers I have for them off their website and all of which just continually ring forever. ONCE, I got through and they told me they need to confirm with DPD that I didn't receive the item. Pretty clear from the picture it was delivered to a supermarket in their post. Anyway, they said I have to wait a week for them to speak with DPD before they send a new item. Its been over a week, called them every day, no answer, sent an email every day, no response so yeh I probably will never receive an item in my life. COOL! In short, paid for something 3 weeks ago that never arrived, no refund, no update, no item."

Paul Litster says

"I have been purchasing this product for over 25 years. Never had a problem until a purchase just before X-Mas. Have been on hold for hours on end for the last two weeks. No ones answering. Emails are being replied by automated response but they manage to send me emails re the new ranges and New Year sales emails during this time. An absolute disgrace."

Amy L says

"If only I had read these reviews before placing my order! Chose an item and specifically requested Saturday delivery as the item was required for a gift. Paid £12 for the privilege of delivery to ensure it would be received on time. Website clearly stating any orders received before 2pm Friday would be delivered Saturday and specifically stating the order would be delivered on the required date. No item received. Contacted someone at customer services who was absolutely useless; disinterested and couldn’t have been less helpful had she tried. Just told me to contact them again on Monday. Blamed COVID for the delay: funny how no other retailer, despite facing the same challenges, have been so completely inept. Have had a lot of items from Mulberry in the past. Will not be bothering in future. So disappointed."

Mr Grabowski Bearn says

"No one is answering the phone nor responding to emails!!!"

Peter Cassidy says

"No customer service whatsoever. I sent 3 emails without receiving a reply. Waited twice in a telephone queue, once for 15 minutes and once for 55 minutes. I was cut off both times. Trying to obtain a returns label is proving impossible. After spending so much money over the years with a company it's very disappointing."

Pam Chadwick says

"Mulberry customer service is simply non-existent! If I have to listen to that dreadful hold music for much longer it will send me insane...... Spent £1500 in the sale -2 items clearly had no stock available and are still sat 'processing' - how difficult can it be to operate within a real time stock system? The 3rd item - a £1000 bag arrived chucked in a box which was open upon receipt - returning this item entirely due to the service levels, however obtaining a DPD label is proving somewhat challenging. As a loyal customer for over 15 years I shall now be avoiding the brand and suggest all prospective customers take note of this review. I understand the current issues surrounding C19 but I run a business and the customer care lines are operating normally albeit from home. Mulberry simply do not care!"

Elysia Gwilliam says

"I bought a mulberry medallion bracelet for £195 as a present to match a few friends. The bracelet arrived loose in the outer box, with the actual bracelet box being dented and scratched. The rest of the packaging was fine and the outer packaging wasn’t damaged, so I believe that the bracelet box had too much room to move as there was no tissue paper or other packing to keep the box from bashing around. The actual bracelet looks like it has already been worn. The medallion has lots of small scratches on its face. If it hasn’t been worn and the scratches have come from the box then I’m a bit concerned about the quality. It is unsuitable to give as a present and for the £195 price tag I’m just wholly disappointed."

whippetcountry says

"Quite Literally No Customer Service, Just Awful, Currently on hold to them right now for about the 14th time over the past 7 days. Essentially the Delivery Driver tried to deliver the order to the wrong address on Christmas Eve, even though the delivery address was correct on my order confirmation email. Contacted Mulberry many times, eventually getting through (their telephone system cuts the call off after about 12 minutes of waiting on hold, each and every time). Eventually got through to their customer services team, who didn't arrange for a new item to be delivered, said she would raise an internal complaint and investigate with DPD what happened, I have had no emails to confirm either of these and not heard anything for the past 10 days, I would recommend that anyone avoids this company and avoid their products."

James says

"Bought a purse on 12th December, nearly a week later I had had no update on the delivery date so I contacted them by phone. Got through to someone who promised he would get someone to call me back. 5 further calls (and 3 more promises) later I still haven’t been able to speak to someone. I’ve emailed- no response, direct messages on Twitter- no response and waited on hold for another 15 minutes today until it just went dead. I have just now received a banking notification showing a refund so I am assuming I’m no longer getting the item I ordered. I say assume because I haven’t got any email to confirm the refund or to say there is a problem. At least they are consistent at something. Terrible service, wont have the gift I ordered in good time for someone’s Christmas present now."

BrynattaL says

"Absolutely gobsmacked to go on Instagram today and find someone I follow gifted THOUSANDS OF POUNDS worth of stuff, (and presumably paid cash as well?) whilst we're going through a recession, a pandemic and are watching people queuing for foodbanks and in turmoil over their jobs. I have been buying Mulberry's for getting on for 10 years and have been so loyal to the brand, but I am astounded you could not see how perhaps this would impact people to see someone being given all of this stuff for free. I understand this can be justified as advertising but you should be ashamed. Plenty of folk who follow these influencers have lost jobs, are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and to see this much stuff being dumped on someone's doorstep (literally- watch the video!) is unbelievable. Could you not have thought of another use for all of this stock? Perhaps supporting a charity would have been a better use of your customers money than showering these people with so much stuff."

Chris says

"Paid £12 for Saturday delivery (Several hours before the Friday 2pm cut off). Sat in house all day waiting for order. No dispatch notice. No tracking info. No order delivered. Phoned customer service and a completely useless person answered. People who can help not in until Monday apparently even though customer service is 24/7 according to website. Monday and you get put on hold for 20 minutes and then cut off. Online chat take your details and can not help. Absolute rubbish, will return goods and not spend money ever again with these morons."

Annelise says

"The worst quality bags unfortunately. I used my bag minimally and the paint on the leather handles have faded and the glue that secures the seam is coming away leaving awful residue. I have resorted to putting a twilly on each handle to hide the poor workmanship, cheap finish and faults. The mulberry twist lock gold plating has faded away. The purple interior transfers colour so I have ended up ruining other purses and items from putting them inside the bag. Such a terribly bad quality bag for £995. If there was one isolated issue I could perhaps excuse, but the bag has 4 separate issues which show that it is awfully made from start to finish, cheap plating for the gold hardware that turns silver, poorly constructed handles and glue comes away, dye that transfers, leather paint that fades. A catalogue of unacceptable faults. If anyone asks, I categorically advise them not to buy. I have several designer bags, and none have deteriorated so dreadfully even though they have had more use. So unfortunate as I was thrilled and excited to support, buy and use a British brand with pride. However, stick with the consistent quality of Chanel, Dior, Gucci, LV, Saint Laurent, Givency, Balenciaga, Osprey, Longchamp, Hermes etc who are well crafted quality and won't fall apart even when used often. DO NOT BUY!! Absolutely dreadful and completely embarrassing."

s ali says

"Poor quality. My husband bought me the Taupe darley bag. I only use it occasionally on nights out which is rare with a toddler, however within 6/7 months the gold on the chain and lock started fading. The leather marks really easily and within a year the end of the gold chain strap broke. This is after looking after it and being extra careful as I don’t own many expensive bags. Due to busy life with a toddler and baby and moving home I never got round contacting Mulberry customer service and now it’s been almost two years. Regardless this isn’t acceptable for a £600 bag which was used occasionally. I’ve had Topshop bags which were better quality. Completely put off from buying from Mulberry again."

Bethany Lowe says

"DISGUSTING TREATMENT Disappointing experience with Mulberry I originally bought the Mulberry Micro Bayswater from Selfridges in London. It is a wonderful bag and from my vision at that point seemed like amazing quality. I was really happy with it and it was a treat to myself for my birthday as I’ve never bought an expensive bag. About 2 weeks down the line, I noticed a fault on the bag. On the clasp on the front, the gold plating was wearing thin and rubbing off! (See photo). I was quite annoyed at this as it’s an expensive bag. Let me just say that I never directly used anti bac or anything like that on the bag as I didn’t want to damage it. I contacted selfridges who told me to contact Mulberry warranty at head office. I contacted Mulberry and they told me to speak to selfridges. Again, selfridges sent me to Mulberry. So, I spoke to Mulberry again and told them about the situation, initially they said they can have it sent to their repairs centre, but it can take 16 weeks to get my bag back. I asked why it would take this long as they said it’s because they have no more of those bags in stock, so they can’t exchange, only repair my inferior one. I wasn’t happy with this. I told mulberry that in 3 weeks I was moving to Australia, so I needed a better solution. Mulberry mentioned that the fault could have been caused by rain - okay, so a bag built in the UK where it always rains, but gets ruined in the rain? Makes sense. Mulberry came back and offered another solution - they said they had a replacement bag, but they wouldn’t be able to give it to me until I returned the other one, and they couldn’t give any timescales. The other solution was to have the bag ready at Mulberry Heathrow in the terminal so I could do a swap. So when It came to getting my flight to Australia, I went to the other terminal and went to Mulberry. They knew nothing about it, and said that Mulberry head office didn’t give any sort of authorisation to swap the bag, and head office were closed. They also never got sent the replacement bag. I was not impressed. So, I eventually got to Australia and quarantined - 2 weeks of doing nothing that I put into trying to sort this bag situation out. Mulberry then put me through to Mulberry Australia. They said the only alternative was to send it back to the UK from Australia and have it inspected; which again could take 16 weeks. Eventually they came back and said they had one in stock in Melbourne. They sent me tracked postage slip and I sent my bag back to them. Two days later I got my replacement bag. I was so happy and relieved I finally got it sorted. Anyway, 4 days later; the EXACT same issue happened, in the exact same place. At this point, I felt really disheartened. I spent all this money on a bag to treat myself, but it’s caused nothing but stress. Also, I’m now in a country where it never rains, so how could rain cause the fault? I contacted Mulberry and asked them to call me, which they never did. They just sent me an email. At this point, I gave them so many chances, that I just asked for a refund. They are now refusing to give me a refund and they are saying that the bag needs to be returned to the UK for an inspection to ensure it’s a manufacturers fault. Clearly this is a manufacturers fault, it’s happened on two bags. I said to them I am happy to send it back to the UK as long as they can confirm a refund will be given. They sent an email back and didn’t acknowledge anything of my request of a refund. How can a big company like Mulberry get away with this? I will be taking this to small claims court. Under consumer rights it states I have to give the merchant a chance to rectify the situation before requesting a refund. I’ve given plenty of changes. And I’ve now had enough. I would not recommend mulberry to anyone. The quality is terrible, and the customer service do not listen to your requests."

niroreek says

"took too long. but order was fine"

tracey says

"I have a mulberry purse 3 years old. 1 of the poppers kept opening. I sent it back. Communication was excellent however I thought £50.40 was rather expensive. However I've had it done it was packaged back brilliantly, but I won't be buying another Mulberry."

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